Production Release (6/20/19)
We've added short descriptions to Packages, Allowances, and Services.
Purchase Orders
Purchase orders now have a new "Partially Received" stage. This allows you to keep track of those purchase orders which contain a mix of received and unreceived items.
With this release, you can enable our new Google Contacts integration and take advantage of our updated QuickBooks Online integration to seamlessly search for contacts across all platforms when sharing a new proposal!
There is a new report in the Project's Quote that allows you to download a simple PDF designed for installers. You can find this under the Quote's "more" menu in the header.
You can now edit the "Client Supplied" state for multiple items at once. After selecting multiple items, our multi-select sidebar now includes this option at the bottom.
There is a new report in the Quote view that allows you to download a simple PDF designed for installers. You can find this under the Quote's "more" menu in the header.
We added a view dropdown to the header of the Opportunities area to make it easier to view opportunities owned by other folks in your organization.
We added a view dropdown to the header of the Projects area to make it easier to view projects owned by other folks in your organization.
Account Owner
You can now change the account owner from the Settings area.
Our team has been architecting performance improvements for D-Tools Cloud and this release includes a number of enhancements to the Opportunities, Opportunity, and Quote areas. We plan to include additional improvements to increase the performance of the application in our next two builds.
Production Release (3/29/19)
Electronic Payments powered by ProPay
We are excited to announce that you can now* collect electronic payments in your Proposals through our new ProPay integration. ProPay is a cost-effective alternative to traditional merchant account offerings providing individuals and small businesses the ability to process their customer's Visa®, MasterCard®, Discover®, and American Express® cards.
  • Collect credit card or electronic check (ACH) payments.
  • Integrated directly into our new "Accept & Sign" form.
  • Get your proposal signed and your deposit collected all in one step!
  • Head to to learn more about ProPay and their services.
The ProPay integration is currently only available to our paying customers, including D-Tools Software Assurance (SA) members.
  • The ability to reorder products is our #1 requested feature and today we are releasing a Beta of our reorder capability in Proposals. To access this feature you need only to choose the new "Display Order" sort option in the Product section. Using the "Set item display order" button you'll be able to rearrange items to your liking for display in the proposal. To follow the progress of this feature, head on over to our feedback portal post!
  • We've updated the "Accept & Sign" experience to include a step that recommends printing a copy.
  • We now save the IP address of the person who signed the proposal, for your records.
  • We've improved our WYSIWYG editor to include more formatting options and we now display this in a larger area to make editing even easier!
You can now define labor by a dollar amount in addition to the standard "duration" option. This can be found anywhere you add labor (including the Catalog). Head on over to D-Tools Cloud and let us know what you think!
  • We're working to improve the performance of reminders and our timeline. We are introducing a few tweaks in the release and will roll out more improvements in the coming releases.
  • Non-image attachment icons have been updated to include information about the type of file that was attached.
  • A number of email templates have been updated to our new look and feel.
Production Release (3/12/19)
  • CSV Product Import
  • Default Locations now supports the same hierarchy as the Quote.
  • We now select the newly created Location or System after they are created.
  • When sharing a proposal, we now close the share dialog after the email has been sent.
  • You can now push orders to QuickBooks Online!
  • We introduced new contact and shipping method defaults for SnapAV.
  • We now include all proposal analytics in the activity feed of the opportunity.
  • When creating a new opportunity we now recommend the site address based on the previously used addresses for the selected account.
  • We are improving our email templates to provide better consistency and information.