Release 36: General Improvements
  • Sharing proposal will now show coming from the current user, not the company owner or opportunity owner
  • When only one open quote exists in an opportunity, it will default to included in the opportunity (you can still turn it off if you don't want it included)
  • Ability to add multiple people to a ToDo when creating it 2021-04-12 09
  • PO Shipment tracking number updated 2021-04-12 09
  • Import CSV will require taxable so you can correctly mark products as taxable or non-taxable upon import
  • Trial period is extended from 15 to 30 days
Release 35: Minor Improvements to "Update All Instances, Proposal, Contacts
We have an exciting new feature coming soon. We are working on a large project management feature and are looking forward to sharing more as we get closer to launching! In the meantime, here are some quick wins to help make D-Tools Cloud a better experience.
  • Easier to add labor to the labor section 2021-03-18 13
  • Update All instances is now more obvious so you know when you are editing multiple or individual items. We will continue to make improvements, so please let us know your feedback. 2021-03-18 13
  • Better responsive design on tablet and mobile devices, specifically on the layout of the Download and Accept & Sign button. image
  • Bring over contact information like address, email, phone when bringing over contacts from Google and QuickBooks Online
  • Import Address when creating opportunity from contact
Release 34: General Improvements and Bug-Fixes
  • Rename Task to To Dos - Why you ask? well we have some project management feature coming where Tasks will be much more detailed than our current To Dos :)
  • The address auto-complete went down for a bit affecting opportunities, projects, clients, and purchase orders (anywhere you enter or view an address). This has been fixed and should work how it did before
Proposal Improvements:
  • Can now hide Company Information from PDF download by hiding on the proposal
  • Company email displays on the proposal
  • Product resources are displaying again for products
  • Payment term dates are showing again on the proposal
Change Order Improvements:
  • Update All instances now exists on COs, but will only work on new items, not items existing in updated BOM on the change order. We are working on improvements to the update all instances setting as well.
  • Change Order location and system descriptions are saving again
Release 33: Filters, QuickBooks Online, and other Improvements
Filter Improvements:
  • Updated the filters to no longer be on the left side of the page and take up so much space. Instead, they will be in a horizontal row where you can select and apply.2021-02-08 13
  • More Date options on the report filters. You can now filter by the last 12 months, last 8 weeks, or last 30 days. Of course, you can still use custom filtersimage
QuickBooks Online Improvements:
  • You can now search Quickbooks (and Google) contacts when you search for clients in an opportunity
  • Pushing over estimates in QuickBooks Online will now include email address.
  • QuickBooks Online now can push over on a tablet.
  • Choose between the proposal change order or quote display format for a negative vs. accounting ($100) format. image
  • BCC yourself on proposals to share client emails with yourself blindly, and when you send to multiple, it will only send you one copy instead of all.
  • Track PO Shipments through our new API integration with EasyPostimage
Release 32: Visual Quoting Improvements, Proposal Improvements, and Framework Update
Visual Quoting Improvements
  • See the entire location highlighted when clicking to add products to help confirm the location adding to
  • Hover anywhere in location (not just borders) to show location
  • Move the location name within the location
  • Drawing with pen now reflects the tip of the pen (not upper left)
2021-01-18 15
Proposal Improvements
  • Pull attachments directly from the opportunity (not just the quote) when adding to the proposal
  • Reorganized the items sidebar to better group related items
  • Added padding above location/system names to better see breaks between locations
  • Show attachment names on hover (instead of being cut off and illegible)
Updated our UI Framework to Angular.IO
  • This improves the product's performance
  • Allows our engineering team to develop new features faster
  • Opens door for new capabilities we can't wait to share with you
Some exciting new features coming soon. Be sure to see the In Progress column of our roadmap at
Release 31 - By-the-Foot improvements, persisting filters, and more
Length Item Improvements:
  • We now show the unit (ft) in the run length
  • Changing an item by the foot will expand the pricing section. Don't forget to update the price and cost per foot!
  • We are still iterating to improve this, but these will help make setting the length more intuitive
Persisting Filters
  • Save the filters on the opportunity and project kanban boards to save the columns you want to view
  • Save the filters on an opportunity and project activity (notes, tasks, and activity)
  • You can now edit costs in the ordering process
  • More responsive PO line items to show both product name and description
What's Next?
We have some exciting new features we have been working hard on coming soon!
Release 30 - New Image based Quoting and Visual Quoting enhancements
Image Quoting
With this release, we will be adding the ability to quote from a set of images. Simply add your images to the locations, markup the images by dragging on products, and build out your bill of materials in the list design view. Don't forget to add them to the proposal to share with your client.
2020-11-12 11
Visual Quoting Improvements
  • Draw your own locations
2020-11-10 16
  • Rotate items on your plan view
2020-11-10 16
Other Improvements:
  • Remove length of run from by-the-foot items
  • Support for 4 decimals in tax field for the odd counties that have these rates
Release 29 - Item Alternates
In this release, we are releasing and announcing our first version of client selectable options! This is our most requested feature request and we are excited to share it with you!
Item Alternates
Add options to items in your quote so your client can select from different options.
2020-10-13 10
You can easily add these alternates from your quote. And you can save for the future, so the next time its added to the quote, it will be automatically included!
2020-10-13 10
Would love to know your feedback
, what we did right, what we did wrong, what we are missing? Please comment on the feedback item here.
More Info:
: Can I make an item optional, instead of just using options on items already in the quote?
: Not today, but this is the next version of client selectable options. Keep an eye out for it in the roadmap
Release 28 - Ordering Improvements and More Filters
Ordering Improvements:
Did you know you can now add items to purchase orders in the orders tab? You can build a PO from scratch or you can add directly from the PO from a project or stock items from the catalog.
2020-09-18 15
You can also change the shipping address with an improved shipping dropdown to more easily select from your company address or project address.
More Filters:
  • Filter by
    in both the Opportunity, Project, and Clients page
  • Filter by
    Client Type
    in the Clients page.
Other Improvements:
  • Click to call on Mobile devices
  • Updated the scroll and pan on Visual Quoting to match other design tools (scroll up and down instead of zoom. Hold the command/control key to zoom in and out)
  • Improved the centering of items on the visual quote plan view
Release 27 - Ordering from the Orders tab, and UI improvements
Create and add to orders from the Ordering tab. Previously, you could only add to a Purchase Order from a project or from the catalog. We have added a wizard to select from project, catalog, and then choose to add to existing or create new POs. Learn more.
Item Status:
  • Add length of item to the item status view
  • Update text to Add to or Create PO (you can add to existing POs or create new ones from the item status view).
Quote and Proposals:
  • Proposal Download now named OppName-ClientName-QuoteName-Version
  • Quote - Rename quote by clicking on a location or system name
Other UI Updates:
  • Proposal - Display Order - Change text to Sort By instead of View By
  • Project - Align columns on item status
  • Proposal Share - Info tool tip explaining BCC
  • Proposal - Rename attachments to attachments, whiteboards, & plan views (you can add plan views as attachments)
  • Quote - Duplicate Quote name keeps same name, instead iterates version number
  • Quote - Description - Show count of plan views (like we do with attachments)
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