Release 26: Quick Improvements and UI Clean Up
  • Ability to BCC yourself to the Proposal. This will send you the same email to you as the client, but they will not see you CC'd. You can then reference exactly what you said in your emails to them. This is in place of the Save Default Message. The default message will popup when you change the message.
  • View whole product image by clicking to expand within the proposal sidebar
  • Cleaned up Gallery and Attachments section in proposal
  • Update to Project Payment Status Names to more industry specific status (won't change any status you have already set)
  • Show all vs pending COs in Kanban card
  • Also added comments and tasks count to card
  • Ability to add a catalog (stock) item to a new PO (not just existing) from the catalog.
  • Ability to edit label for who you are shipping it to (not just address)
  • Include part number as part of the CSV export
  • Clean up the add accessories areas
Release 25 - Permissions, Takeoffs, Payment Terms, and Proposal Improvements
Limit functionality within the software by removing access to the following items.
  • Manage account and subscription
  • View all vs my opportunities
  • View Item costs (margin, markup, profit, etc.)
  • View all vs my projects
  • Configure catalog (add items to catalog)
  • Manage catalog (edit items within the catalog)
  • Create and manage purchase orders
  • Create and manage change orders
  • View Reports
#Visual Quoting Takeoffs
We have taken all the work around visual quoting we did last quarter and capped off the quarter with the final piece that allows for quoting via takeoffs. Add allowances to your visual quote, and replace with specific products later. See more here
2020-07-14 16
Payment Terms
Manage project management term status on the proposal with Project Payments. Mark as In Progress or Paid or even Overdue.
Proposal Improvements
We have added some small but hopefully impactful improvements for the proposals
  • Hover States on line items to better show the item is clickable to view images, descriptions, and product resources.
  • More spacing between system and locations groups to better visually differentiate between locations/systems
  • Always showing the navigation on the left side as expanded to easier navigate the proposal
  • Added Quote ID to the quote and optional on the proposal, next to the version so you can better reference each proposal.
  • Show labor as a $ amount instead of time in the proposal (like within the quote)
  • Product Resources included on each product in the quote and catalog, optional to show on the proposal. Gathered and managed by data team from partners
Release 24: Product Icons on Visual Quoting
Visual Quoting:
  • Collapsible item sidebar in visual quoting to prevent the sidebar from getting in the way
  • Dots for items when zooming out, or filtering on the system or the location
  • Use Product Icons instead of the product images, learn moreimage
  • Download as PNG instead of print (better formatting for printing)
  • Copy quote to create new opportunity instead of only existing opportunitiesimage
  • Improvement around labor summary and intuitiveness
  • Price tags (user set, supplier set, rule set) on products in quote (like the catalog)
  • Add the ability to create new item from within the quote search
  • Support .heic files as attachment (images from iOS iPhones and iPads)
  • Add the pending change order count to the project kanban board
  • Configure payment terms on a change orders
  • Display Project and Opportunity IDs (Quote IDs coming)
  • Better represent the opportunity/project name in the assigned task notification
Clients table
  • Include client type column
Release 23: Cloud to SI Integration, Small Improvements and Bug Fixes
  • Push won opportunities in Cloud over to SI with our new integration. We will be showing a webinar on June 18th to learn more about the integration.
  • Added the total below the payment terms
  • Markup image attachments without having to create a whiteboard
  • Improved the user creation flow to more easily invite your teammates
Release 22: Updated Quote, Visual Quoting Improvements, and more
For this release, we really focused on usability, intuitiveness, and bringing in plan views to be part of the quoting process.
Updated Quoting:
  • Updated quote banner has the same information, in a horizontal layout. Be sure to check this out on mobile as it is also more mobile friendly.
  • Location/System/Phases sidebar - We brought out the locations systems, and now phases into its own sidebar so you can more easily navigate between them. You will also see a total that shows you what is in each of these groups
  • Don't forget you can view by all items or even the unassigned items. You can still create sub-locaitons and created locations.
  • Slight change to sidebar - notice we pulled out Quantity as a form element to make room for a Replace button in the action buttons. You can still change the quantity below above the price
  • Replace any item with any other type of item. This means you can quote allowances and replace with products later. Stay tuned as we will use this in takeoffs and budgeting in the future.
  • You will still be able to do the same things in your quote as before. Overivew project description, pricing summary, quoting, and plan views
Visual Quoting
  • Plan views have been moved inside the Design tab that allows you choose between building out in a list quote or a visual quote (plan view).
  • Add items in the catalog search in the top center
  • Drag quote items on from the locations panel on the left (don't forget to show the locations bar)
  • Updated toolbar in the bottom now includes the ability to add text, draw, and of course erase. The plan view settings have also been moved to the settings in the far right of the toolbar.
  • You can still create multiple plan views, build plan views the same as before, and continue to attach to your proposals through gallery and attachments on your proposals.
Other features worth noting:
  • UI improvements to the opportunity and project page. You can now edit inline without having to edit and save
  • We have added suggested labor where you can be suggested our category labor amount instead of it being auto-applied to your products. Nice for new users and users who want to manage their own labor
  • Updated our onboarding flow to be easier for new users
  • Updated the proposal edit vs. preview tabs instead of the toggles
Release 21: Visual Quoting Improvements and More
  • More easily add products onto your plan views by searching as you do in the design view. Drag or click to add items on your plan view
  • Quicker navigation to plan views - clicking the drawings tab takes you to your first plan view. You can still change between plan views from with in the plan view image
  • Added more location details in the plan view so you can easily add products or view notes, tasks, attachments
  • Markup image attachments in the plan view
  • Improved the Client page so you can edit fields inline (coming to opportunities and projects soon)
  • Onboarding quote checklist for new users. If you are an existing user, you can still use by turning on in the settings under the Quote Checklist setting
  • Edit your credit card in app in the subscription page in the settings
Release 20: Improved Opportunities, Person vs. Business Clients, Labor Summary, and more
  • On the dashboard, filter the won column to just show for the current month, quarter, or year
  • Improvements to the Create Opportunity form
  • Added Lead Source as a option on an opportunity, so you can track and report on lead source
  • Accounts are now labeled as Clients and have types (person or business)
  • Added the total below the quote location/system for better summarizing
  • Include labor in the Total Sell column on your quote for better estimating
  • Added the ability to add labor line item to a package
  • Labor Summary section in the quote location/system and viewed overall on a proposal to review your labor types
  • Download Proposal instead of print - by downloading your proposal instead print allows us to better format more consistently your proposal document. Don't worry, you can always print after downloading :)
  • Find and Replace approved items on a change order
  • Better plan view location drawings with guidance
Product Release 19: Labor Line Items
  • Keep up to date on new features!
2020-02-20 13
  • Added labor line items, so you can add labor types into your proposal.
  • Optional Labor Column in the quote to easily view labor on each item
  • Turn off itemized labor on a quote, so you can just add labor through line items
  • Improved location sidebar on a Plan View to include the location attachments, notes, tasks, products, and labor
  • Sort won opportunities by Recently Closed Date in the KanBan to more easily view recently won opportunities
  • Quicker navigation with quote and proposal breadcrumbs. Jump back to the opportunities page, or just back to the opportunities.
2020-02-20 13
  • Find and replace products on a quote, so you can easily replace that 55" tv with a 65" (only works on quotes now, coming on change orders soon!)
Product Release 18: Export Quote Items, and Product v. Labor Summary
Below are some improvements that will hopefully make life easier for you using D-Tools Cloud.
  • Product vs. Labor in the Quote pricing summary
  • Added Export to CSV to project view, not just quote
  • Project Export to CSV and Item Status export will now include more columns like brand & model, short description, margin, labor, supplier, location, system, and phase
  • Better image quality in item sidebar when in quote or proposal
  • Organize tasks page by project or view all tasks in a list
  • In the plan view, turn off labels or borders across all locations at once
Product Release 17: Change Orders, Reports, Item Status View
Change Orders
Our most requested feature is finally completed! You can now create change orders and manage these change orders on a project. Edit the project bill of materials (BOM) in a separate change order to present potential changes, allowing you to approve these changes and merge into the BOM, or decline and ignore these changes.
Improved Reporting
We have replaced our old reporting with a new set of reports. These will be much more performative and allow you to filter by date, salesperson, and project type. View your sales that have happened or take advantage of the new sales forecast report to get a better idea of projected sales for the next months.
Item Status
Manage the status on each individual items with the new item status view on a project. You can filter, update multiple status at once, and even download as a PDF or Excel file so you can hand off to your installers. You can also update the item status on an item from the project's BOM too.
Other Improvements Worth Noting
  • Making it more obvious when you have partner pricing available for a product
  • Update all instances from quote item sidebar now works on labor
  • Disable category labor (default labor) applied to new products
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