Release 28 - Ordering Improvements and More Filters
Ordering Improvements:
Did you know you can now add items to purchase orders in the orders tab? You can build a PO from scratch or you can add directly from the PO from a project or stock items from the catalog.
2020-09-18 15
You can also change the shipping address with an improved shipping dropdown to more easily select from your company address or project address.
More Filters:
  • Filter by
    in both the Opportunity, Project, and Clients page
  • Filter by
    Client Type
    in the Clients page.
Other Improvements:
  • Click to call on Mobile devices
  • Updated the scroll and pan on Visual Quoting to match other design tools (scroll up and down instead of zoom. Hold the command/control key to zoom in and out)
  • Improved the centering of items on the visual quote plan view