Release 43: Opportunity Improvements, Performance Enhancements, and Bug Fixes
Bug Fixes
Performance Improvements
Focused Opportunity Creation
Opportunity creation has been streamlined to help ensure you don't skip entering important information.
Change Order Improvements
We've made it easier to update quantities on change orders. You no longer have to delete existing products or search for the same product to add more.
Simply click the product you want to update, select 'Change Quantity' next to the quantity section in the side menu and entire the new quantity - we've automated the update for you!
Quote MSRP Sync
Made an edit to a product's MSRP to play with pricing and need to get get it back? Now you can, simply re-sync and the MSRP will be set back to the D-Tools Cloud catalog MSRP value.
Performance Enhancements & Bug Fixes
As always, we've optimized some code
and quashed some
to keep Cloud running smoothly!