I’ll preface by saying I’m very impressed by most of what I see in D-Tools Cloud. That said, I believe D-Tools should be burning the midnight oil to fast track two features above all else. The ability to present multiple alternatives without screwing up the proposal totals (roadmapped), and a massive improvement of the fit and finish of proposals. Please stop adding other features and first make the core functionality outstanding. I realize there is a highly voted request for proposal customization, but I'm starting a new request here because my focus is on improving what's out of the box first.
I literally had the managing director for our largest Client refuse to present a D-Tools proposal to him the other day because it was so confusing and poorly laid out compared to our manually done proposals.
His complaints were spot on and rather than attempt to explain them I’m attaching examples in attached screenshots. Our job as integrators is supposed to be to make technology easy to operate for our client. If they can’t even follow a proposal, that does not bode well for what we're telling them we're going to do.